How do I make Skinn last longer?

Applying body lotion or cream before using your Skinn perfume will make the fragrance last long without being strong or overwhelming.

Should I use Skinn on skin, or on clothes?

The best way to use a perfume is by applying it on the skin. This creates alchemy between skin and perfume, thus expressing the fragrance in a more personalized way. When applied on skin, perfumes get warmer, and the fragrance rises with temperature which is not the case when applied directly on clothes.

Why Skinn smells different on me and a friend?

The primary reason is because everyone has a unique body chemistry which impacts how the fragrance smells on them. Everything from the diet to hormones can affect the body temperature and although overall impression remains same, notes may be heightened or blurred on different people. To ensure you like the way something smells on you, test before buying it!

Can I wear two perfumes at the same time?

Preferably not, because perfume is a balanced, complete creation! If you wear a fragrance on top of another, you create scentsation and more likely, will produce odour.

How can I remove Skinn perfume from clothes?

Just air it out!

How safe are Skinn perfumes on skin?

Created for skin, Skinn fragrances have been formulated to be safe by skincare experts.

How to store my Skinn perfume?

Limit exposing the perfume to heat and humidity by storing it away from direct sunlight.

How long will an unopened bottle of Skinn last?

An unopened bottle of Skinn perfume is good for 12 to 18 months

How much Skinn perfume do I need to wear?

You want a fragrance that appears and disappears – flirts with people around you, keeping interest. To do that, you need the merest touch of Skinn, letting off a tiny burst of fragrance.


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