Fragrances and You

As much as we all love to smell great, we do realise that finding the perfect perfume for you might seem like a daunting task. A fragrance needs to be chosen and worn in accordance with your personality. Read through our small effort in helping you pick the variant of Skinn that speaks the language of sensuality like you do –

Woody and warm

There are men and then, there are men that every woman wants. You are the man with a ‘larger than life’ image, who can fight the baddies away and speak volumes about how much you love you woman. The quintessential Bollywood hero in you comes out every time you find a damsel in distress! A woody fragrance with notes that are heady and slightly heavy is perfect for you.


is the mirror of all things male; Steele will let you wear masculinity on your Skinn.

Spicy and seductive

You are the kind of man who knows that he always will have his way with women. You are known to outperform yourself time and again; winning comes to you quite naturally. That exotic charm you exude is what makes you so irresistible. A man like you deserves nothing less than a baffling oriental fragrance. Oriental fragrances were made so that there could be something that added to your persona.


is but an extension of your irresistibility, Extreme is exactly what should stay on your Skinn.

Citrusy and cool

You are that super cool dude who can solve every problem in the least time possible. You are so confident and elegant that one wonders if you have ever faced a dilemma in life. You are strong, your presence is distinctive and your absence is sorely missed by people who consider you an integral part of their life. A man of your kind swears by a citrusy fragrance. The cool and crisp notes of ingredients like lemon and bergamot give you the edge that takes you a notch higher.


lends to you the perfect freshness to keep; Raw makes everyone want to slip under your Skinn.

Floral and feminine

If being ladylike and elegant comes effortlessly to you, then you are most likely to love the floral family of fragrances. A bouquet of beautiful flowers is what it takes to tug at the strings of your heart. The fragrance of jasmine, freshly cut stems of roses transport you to a magical world of your own. You are the woman whose idea of the perfect date is a beautiful candle lit dinner.


is our portrayal of the exquisite woman you are, Nude is the perfume that seamlessly merges into your Skinn.

Musky and mysterious

The image of a young lady, in high heels, walking through the streets of Paris in spring time stays with you while you picture yourself. A candle lit dinner, a proposal with a rock in the ring is just not enough for you. The aura around you makes you the woman every man desires but just cannot conquer. You are the woman who can carry off an oriental, spicy fragrance like it was just made for her. An oriental fragrance only adds to the embodiment of mystery that you are known to be.


was made for you; Imera breathes the mystery into your Skinn.

Fruity and fresh

Playfulness is in your blood. Your beauty is like the whiff of fresh air on a balmy spring morning. While you wouldn’t mind a candle lit dinner, the neighbourhood restaurant with its quiet familiarity is more your thing. You are the woman who loves a fruity fragrance for the freshness that comes with it. The light, invigorating crispness of a citrusy fragrance transforms you into the bubbly woman who is the life of everyplace she sets foot on.


is how we have interpreted you; Celeste is what you’d love to call your second Skinn.