• 01

    How do you make a scent last longer?

    Application of a body lotion/body butter on your skin with the same fragrance as the perfume will make the scent last longer without making it too strong or overwhelming. Layering makes a noticeable difference in making the scent last longer.

  • 02

    What is the best way to wear a perfume? Should I wear it on the skin or on clothes?

    The best way to wear a perfume is to spray it directly on to your skin, since this expresses the scent in a very personalized manner. Perfume, when worn on the skin, gets warmer and smells better which is not the case when worn on clothes.

  • 03

    Why does a perfume smell different on different people?

    A fragrance comes to life on skin and hence it is natural that it smells different on different people. Since a perfume chemically reacts in a unique way to each individual, everything from the diet of a person to texture of his/her skin can impact the way a fragrance smells on that individual. Although the overall impressions remain same, notes may be heightened or blurred on different people. To ensure you like the way the perfume smells on you, test it on your skin before buying it

  • 04

    Can I wear two perfumes at once?

    We’d prefer that you wear only perfume at once. If two fragrances are worn on top of each other, it is most likely to produce an odour rather than a fragrance.

  • 05

    Can dieting affect the amount of perfume I need to wear?

    Yes, it can. If you are on a low fat diet, oil levels in your skin tend to be lower and hence the fragrance might not last as long as it normally would.

  • 06

    How do I find a new Skinn perfume I will love?

    We wish it were easier. You are most likely to be spoilt for choice. There are is no logic when it comes to choosing a perfume because the sense of smell is emotional. Most people enjoy one or two from of a number of fragrance families. Like all good things, it takes a little while and effort to find a perfume that is right for you. The perfect way to start also will be by understanding the differences between different fragrance families.

  • 07

    Can I remove a fragrance from clothes?

    Yes, you can. Air them out in the shade and they are as good as new.

  • 08

    What if Skinn fragrances are lost on me?

    If you have worn a fragrance a lot, you lose sense of smell to it. The best way to test is to ask someone who is not used to your scent to see if they detect it on you.

  • 09

    How safe are Skinn fragrances on skin?

    Skinn fragrances have been dermatologically tested and formulated to be safe on skin, so you need not worry about using the perfume to your heart’s content.

  • 10

    How should I take care of my Bottle of Skinn perfume?

    It’s simple. Do not expose the perfume bottle to heat and humidity. Also, store the bottle away from direct sunlight.

  • 11

    How long will an unopened bottle of Skinn last?

    An unopened bottle of Skinn is good for 30 to 36 months

  • 12

    How much Skinn should I wear?

    If you want a fragrance that appears and disappears, you only need the merest touch of Skinn. Use the spray letting off a tiny burst of fragrance.